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Please look at the letter I posted from John Palumbo of WWinning Edge Selling! That shoud make you think twice!!!

Original review posted by user Dec 04, 2014

I hired John Palumbo as A Sales Coach for 6 Months.His fee was $4500 which I paid him via check in FULL.

The agreement between John Palumbo of Winning Edge Selling and I was for 6 months 2 calls a week and 1 face to face coaching per week. After the third week John STOPPED taking my calls!!! JOHN Paumbo is a great salesman, he will tell you all the things you want/need to here, then once he has your money. He will never call you again!!!!


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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John will you be doing the right thing and sending me the $4500 you STOLE from me???I see that there are a lot more people that have had the same issue with you over your great 20 year career.

Again to anyone out there who is thinking of hiring John Palumbo or Winning Edge Selling do your due diligence and think twice about it.

John is a GREAT salesman / *** artist!!!

Be very careful!!!


John Palumbo, there is nothing to discuss you stole $4500 from me!If you want to send me a refund check you know my address!

Until that time I am not interested in speaking to you!

If seems to me other people have had the same issue with John Palumbo of winning edge selling located in East Providence RI.



I made every effort to resolve your situation including a pro-rated refund that you agreed was fair and acceptable. Please contact my office at 401-273-1215 if you would like to discuss offline.


My name is Alex B and please tell me more.... John Palumbo Stole my money and Inwant it back.....

Did he steal your money too???


Anonymous you clearly have not been around John long enough for him to burn you.

John talks the talk, but does not walk the walk.

Ask him why his second business he had failed.

Also, inquire how his relationship with the a national training brand the tap dancing start!


Seems like someone has a grudge against John at Winning Edge Selling and is writing a couple of reviews under false pseudonums?(as you can tell these are from the same person just based on the wording).

Just to set the record straight for John's benefit, wanted to write in and say that our company has utilized his services on multiple occasions over the past 12 mths, and we've always found him to be absolutely terrific to work with. John is passionate, helpful, and a true sales professional. If you are a small business in RI or MA and you are not using John's services, then really you should call him - as he will be able to help you increase your company sales quickly and efficiently. He takes great pride in helping small businesses be successful in sales, and for us he has always been extremely responsive.

So just ignore the person who is posting a couple of negative comments and get on the phone and give John a call.

Once you speak with him, if you are a business owner then you will quickly realize he is going to be able to help you.

Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #925498

John Palumbo of Winning Edge Selling Stole $4500 from me!!! He was supposed to work with me on how to sell, we met for 3 times then stopped taking my calls!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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