Hired Mr.John Palumbo from Winning Edge Selling located at 1240 Pawtucket Ave, East Providence RI.

John charged me $8000 for a 6 month sales training program. He promised to see me twice a week for 6 months and work on training me to sell. I FELL FOR IT! After I gave John the $8000 check, we met for 3 weeks, everything was going great!

He was instilling ways on how to SELL more effectivly. After the 3rd week, he stopped taking my calls, setting up appointments. I went to his office, he was not there, I kept calling him and did not answer. I finally caught up with John, he oferend to refund me $1000.

I had no choice to except our be out the entire $8000.BE VERY CAREFUL OF WINNING EDGE SELLING AND JOHN PALUMBO, HE IS A THIEF!

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Our records don’t show any client matching your review and I work with every client directly, Please contact my office to review our ENGAGEMENT AGREEMENT at 401-273-1215, we have a stellar record for almost 20 years and would like to resolve your matter.If validated we would be happy to extend additional training and or coaching sessions to ensure you get a return on your training investment.

Thank you for report, happy to address off-line".


In over 15 years in business and with over 500 clients and a great reputation in business and community, I have never had a problem like this one.Outside of the fact that he was a client, none of what he states is true or accurate.

When I met him in 2011 he was dealing with difficult transition after selling his business and he had trouble focusing on our work together.

John Polumbo


Winning Edge Selling, Inc.

to Anonymous Providence, Rhode Island, United States #899694


New York City, New York, United States #809993

I also hired John Palumo for sales training.Worst mistake I made in my life.

He will first be your best friend, but after he gets your money.



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